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Textile Storage Boxes

archival boxesThe outer layer of these boxes is buffered to prevent acid migration, and the interior lining paper which is in direct contact with the textile is neutral pH, non-buffered smooth white paper. Of course, there is no lignin nor any sulphur present in the box. For textiles which are not sensitive to alkalinity, consider our new MicroChamber textile boxes.

Size Board Types
30X18X6 Lig-Free 2
30X18X6 Micro Chamber
30X24X6 Lig-Free 2
30X24X6 Micro Chamber

Hat Boxes

These boxes are made with blue-grey board and are designed square with a 2-1/2" removable lid.



hat and veil boxes

 Veil Boxes

These boxes are made from 60 point blue-grey buffered or tan acid/lignin-free buffered (pH 8.5) borad with metal reinforced edges for extra strenght during handling, storage and stacking.

Size  Board Types  Size
14X14X1  Blue-Grey  20X16X31/2

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