Who We Are – Mission Statement:
The entire team at National Gown Cleaners is dedicated to providing the most customer friendly service. We strive to maintain a business where the customer can come and discover anything they might want to buy or learn on the subject of textile conservation, gown cleaning, preservation, and management of historical or family heirlooms. We aim to educate the general public to give people the power and knowledge to make a more informed decision when it comes to caring for their treasured items.

Welcome  – About Us:

Whether somethings new, old, or loved, these treasures remind us of our past through memories, traditions, and family stories.  Preservation is what keeps our lives connected to our history and yet becomes the link to the future.
There’s a saying from Keats that always makes me smile “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.  This saying always comes to mind when I have the pleasure of saving someone’s family heirloom and bringing back the beauty for a new generation to treasure. I have been a textile conservator in private practice since 1983 and lead textile conservator at National Gown Cleaners.  I have worked with museums, private collectors, and a huge population of brides over the years sharing and teaching them how to properly clean and preserve their family treasures. Whether it’s been a bridal gown, christening gown, quilt, vintage, historical items, or church vestments, I am always so honored to be trusted with such meaningful items.
Being part of a family business has been a real joy and a great source of inspiration. While the company has grown tremendously, we continue to stay firm with our commitment to the principals that formed our company like integrity and loyalty. With a growing interest in cleaning, preservation and conservation, we found that much of the information available through online sources and through other gown preservation companies incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate.  We hope to offer you ideas and principles that are practical and presented in an easy to understand format.  Please note the examples we provide generally refer to wedding gowns, bridal attire and christening gowns; however, our recommendations also apply to other textiles as well. The standards we apply in the museum industry are not always feasible in the home, without a few simple modifications which can be easily made in order to provide the best conditions possible.
I hope that this website provides you the consumer with resources and information which will prepare you with knowledge on how to care for your wedding gown or other family treasures.  Our goal is to offer you professional advice as well as resources that make you an informed and wise consumer. The entire family and staff at National Gown Cleaners is committed to providing you with the best museum quality methods, skills and materials that meet rigorous standards used in the finest museum institutions in the world.

We continue to participate in industry training in conservation cleaning and preservation through associations like the AIC, so that our customers benefit from the latest technologies offered. So, welcome to our business and from all of us here at National Gown Cleaners, we can’t wait to help you preserve your history.

-Christine Morrissey

National Gown Cleaners, LLC is an Award-Winning Expert Gown Cleaning & Preservation Company.

We have been bringing museum quality cleaning and preservation methods to the public for years. We are internationally known for our expertise in cleaning, preserving, and restoring difficult-to-clean bridal gown attire.

Our reference book includes celebrity, royalty, museums, textile collectors, and brides. We are recommended by many garment manufacturers and bridal salons, and have been featured in many magazines and books such as California Bride, The Wedding Sourcebook, Wedding Tips from the Experts, Wedding Ideas, Elegant Bride, Weddings “In Style” Brides and WeddingBells.

Our goal is to educate the customer on how to care for their treasured textiles and provide the highest quality service. While not inexpensive, clients value the detailed process just as much as we do.