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Before Your Wedding:

  • Pre-wedding Cleaning
    • Sample gowns – a great frugal choice, remember to have it cleaned before using as these gowns often pick up a lot of body oils and soil from being tried on.
    • Accidents – if something happens to your gown before the wedding day that requires a cleaning.
  • Restoration
    • When restoring an older gown, perhaps a grandmothers or mothers gown, make sure you use an established textile conservator to ensure the job is done right! For more information on the restoration process.
  • Pressing
    • After travel your gown may need to be steamed or pressed before the event.

After Your Wedding:

  • Cleaning – It is important to have your gown cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible to ensure that stains do not become set into the fabric.
  • Preservation – To keep your gown for future generations or to simply slow down the aging process.  Using museum quality preservation products is important to ensure the best results for your gown during long term storage.

Types of Cleaning Processes:

  • Dry Cleaning – this process is used to remove stains which are not water based, or to clean fabrics which would be damaged by water.
  • Wet Cleaning – this process is used to remove stains which are water based like sugar, grass, or soils.
  • Hand Cleaning –  This process is best when a gown or other textile needs hand management and can be cleaned in wet side methods like using orvus paste and distilled water. Generally, dry cleaning solvents can’t be hand managed.

Since 1930 National Gown Cleaners has specialized in textile conservation, and offered several cleaning methods to ensure each garment we process gets a safe, reliable result.  In order to determine which type of cleaning method or combination of methods are possible, we follow a thorough evaluation process to ensure your gown gets the best results.